Religious Affairs

  1. Religious Affairs Department”  
  • Facilitation of the participation to the Hajj and Imra to the public by arranging Visas, and means of transportation for participants.
  • Notification to the government about the annual participation to the Hajj.
  • Encouragement of the public and government on the construction of new mosques and maintenance of old ones and their facilities such as mats/carpets, electrical/communication appliances and utilities.
  • Statistical data gathering on endowment buildings belonging to the mosques, and administration of their revenue.
  • Advocacy for the adoption and advancement of the Islamic religion.
  • A creation of Regional and District preachers.
  • Authorization of lectures on religious books, Imams and preachers/sermon readers in the mosques.
  • Request from the Islamic countries of experts/scholars, versant with Sharia, particularly in the Shafiya School of thought.
  • Encouragement and development of Koranic Schools.