Administration & Finance

Departments of Administration

Processing the budget of the Ministry

Processing the rights of the employees and judges. (e.g. employment rights)

Management and safe keeping/maintenance of furniture, equipment and other property of the Ministry.

Timely disbursement of salaries for the employees and judges.

Care of the documents in the archive.

Receiving and coordination of the revenues of the Ministry.

Build the capacity of police human resources in the domestic violence subject; and

Create database and information to study and analyse issues related to domestic violence.

Supervise the training of Judges and clerks at national courts on how to deal with victims of violence in cooperation with the Judicial Institute.

Raise awareness on various subjects relating to violence against women including women’s rights in Islam, roles and responsibilities in the family from the Islamic perspective.

Design a strategy of community dialogue targeting changing social norms related to FGM/C, Child marriages and GBV