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The Ministry of Justice Religious Affairs and Rehabilitation of Puntland holds a meeting for the clergy of Puntland

Today, the 5th of May 2019, the leadership at the MOJRAR held a consultative meeting for the religious leaders of the community in Puntland. The purpose of the meeting was to consult and discuss of how the preparations for the upcoming holy month of Ramadan.

In the beginning, Mr.Awil Sh. Hamud, the minister of MOJRAR has officiallyinitiated the meeting. The minister deliberated on the importance and the prestigious standing and holiness of this month to the Muslim community of Puntland and Somalia as a whole. He stated that the meeting is about how the ministry can create a mechanism to consult, inform and discuss with the religious leaders about the matters concerning the holy month. The minister has proposed and encouraged the religious leaders to follow and respect the notices and the decision about the date of beginning of Ramadan, Iftar and Suhur time.

The deputy minister of MOJRAR, Dr. Mohamed Ali Farah has reiterated the role of the clergy and religious organization in the Muslim Somali society and how it could be utilized to advance the best religious and material interests of the community. The minister has also highlighted the role of the mosque institution in the community and how they could be used as a platform for information sharing, awareness raising and for addressing the problems of the community.

After those remarks, the clergy has discussed deeply important points about ways the different religious organizations can unite the efforts calling people into ALLAH’s way and the awareness campaigns. The clergy have agreed to regard and follow the orders and notices of the ministry in the affair concerning the date of start of Ramadan and to unite their efforts of charity and awareness raising among the community.

Finally, Dr. Mohamed Ali Farah has adjourned the meeting and thanked the participant for their good intention, service for the community and their willingness to contribute to the work MOJRAR has for the people of Puntland.